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Emilie Guillot

Our founder

Emilie Guillot-Laromiguière, born in Brittany, France, is known not only as an actress/performer but also as a drama director and producer of a quite wide number of live performances in Hong Kong. Her debut was as a ballet dancer. Then she quickly graduated from ‘L’Ecole de Théâtre Bellevue’ with a degree of ‘Technical corporal and improvisation diploma’.
July 2002, she landed in Hong Kong and started her own drama production company. She produced more than 45 stage plays in 12 years.
Along with her own productions, Emilie has also been seen has a performer and actress in ‘Isabeau’, ‘Agnes of God’, ‘Lumina’ HK web-series, ‘Boxed in’ with best film, best acting, best directing awards, Chinese 2012 Zodiac, ‘Four Assassins’ – feature film, ‘Le Dieu du Carnage – Carnage’, ‘Le Prénom – What’s in a name’, ‘Je danse toujours’, ‘La Vérité- The Truth’, ‘L’arrivée d’un typhon!’
In 2015, she has directed her first feature film (L’arrivée d’un Typhon), an independent film shot and set in Hong Kong. Not only did Emilie star in this film, she is also the writer and producer.
She has been the Artistic Director of HK Theatre Association from 2007 to 2020 with which she coached acting to adults and young kids.

Lenny B. CONIL

Our artistic director

Lenny B. Conil settled in Hong Kong in 2006 working for Veolia and has never left since.

Besides his main job, Lenny is also a photographer as well as an actor on stage and on camera.

He started playing in theatre 2008 with HK Theatre Association and played many lead roles, including in “Le Père Noël est une ordure”, “Le Diner de Cons”, “Le Prénom”, “Un Air de Famille” and “Art”.

He is also the Co-Founder of the French Association for Solidarity.

He took over the artistic direction of HKTA in 2021.

Our committee

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